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October 03 2014

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shake it out
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October 02 2014

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August 28 2014

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Julie Bowen & Sofia Vergara Sophia Loren & Jayne Mansfield
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August 22 2014

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Just because a person is a good actor, doesn’t mean they’d be good in any role. 

But Meryl Streep though.



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tumblr_n0nl5vewhK1qba8yvo4_r1_250.gif (160×220) tumblr_n0nl5vewhK1qba8yvo6_r1_250.gif (160×221) tumblr_n0nl5vewhK1qba8yvo5_r1_250.gif (160×220) that's why I love Phil
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May 18 2014

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these two
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May 17 2014

You know who had straight parents? Adolf Hitler.
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May 04 2014

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May 03 2014

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May 01 2014

Lily Tucker-Pritchett Appreciation Post

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March 11 2014

Lily 😼
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March 09 2014

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February 10 2014

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February 08 2014

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January 25 2014

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